have a one-time job or special project?

Rental Equipment could be your solution.

Sometimes a job requires a little more machine than what you have. Would an excavator or skid steer make it easier? Johnson City Kubota provides daily, weekly and monthly rentals. These are heavy duty construction-grade machines that can do almost any job. We also offer rental programs for most of our used equipment. View our featured rental equipment an rental pricing below.

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Kubota KX040-4

  • Hydraulic Thumb

  • 40 Horsepower

  • Float Angle Blade

  • Blade width: 71"

  • Operating Weight: 9,790lbs

Kubota SVL75-2

  • 75 Horsepower

  • Weight: 9260 pounds

  • Lifting capacity: 4881 pounds

  • Bucket: 68" wide

  • Operating Weight: 9,500lbs

  • Has 2 bucket options (smooth and toothed bucket)